AusbildungsFit sprungbrett supports girls* and young women*, trans*, inter* and non-binary young people in the transition between school and work by coaching and training in various workshops. Young people between the ages of 15 and 21 (25 under certain conditions) are supported in acquiring the needed skills for a good start in an apprenticeship. This includes, for example, catching up on basic school knowledge and acquiring social or personal skills. As a post-maturation offer for young people, AusbildungsFit follows on from youth coaching.

The young people can either enter AusbildungsFit by assignment via Youth Coaching or start directly in the "pre-module". Here they work irregularly on individual days in the "construction/textile workshop", get to know different materials such as paper, cardboard, wood, metal or plaster. Work situations are practised and the participants receive a pocket money.

In regular training, young people* work constantly for up to 12 months in three different workshops: Construction/Textiles, in the Media or the Environmental Workshop. The young people get to know work processes and different occupational fields, do exercise, deepen their general education in the knowledge workshop, attend regular coaching and take courses for vocational testing. The participants receive financial support from the AMS. The booking of training is done exclusively through the youth coaching.

AusbildungFit sprungbrett is funded by the Social Ministry Service and is part of the NEBA Network for Vocational Assistance. This project is funded by the European Social Fund as part of the European Union's response to the COVID 19 pandemic.

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AusbildungsFit is a counselling centre for
  • Coaching on career orientation

  • Training in 4 different workshops: Construction / Textiles / Media / Environment

  • workshop for basic school knowledge / "post-maturation“

  • Movement

  • Excursions to companies

  • Arrangement of courses for vocational testing

Team von AusbildungsFIT sprungbrett

Deko Abdi Yusuf   Sie/Ihr

Administration AusbildungsFIT sprungbrett

Elisabeth Adler   Sie/Ihr

Training AusbildungsFIT sprungbrett

Sylvieh Archan   Sie/Ihr

Training AusbildungsFIT sprungbrett

Sophie Bitter-Smirnov   Sie/Ihr

Training AusbildungsFIT sprungbrett

Dunja Edelman   Sie/Ihr

Coach AusbildungsFIT sprungbrett

Iris Forstenlechner   Sie/Ihr

Training AusbildungsFIT sprungbrett (Karenz)

Twan Geissberger   Sie/Ihr

Coach/Berufserprobung AusbildungsFIT sprungbrett

Liat Granierer   Sie/Ihr

Training AusbildungsFIT sprungbrett (Karenz)

Lin* Jannach   keine Pronomen

Pädagogische Projektleitung AusbildungsFIT sprungbrett

Banu Kara   Sie/Ihr

Training AusbildungsFIT sprungbrett

Nasrin Kashfi

dzt. Karenz AusbildungsFIT

Tanja Kogler   Sie/Ihr

Coach/Berufserprobung AusbildungsFIT sprungbrett

Rebecca Kopeinig   Sie/Ihr

Training AusbildungsFIT sprungbrett

Sarah Köck   Sie/Ihr

Organisatorische Projektleitung AusbildungsFit sprungbrett

Lisa Lederer   Sie/Ihr

Training AusbildungsFIT sprungbrett

Julia Misauer   Sie/Ihr

Coach AusbildungsFIT sprungbrett

Amona Peter   keine Pronomen/dey/deren

Training AusbildungsFIT sprungbrett

Fanny Rasul   Sie/Ihr

dzt. Bildungskarenz AusbildungsFIT

Kamila Soroko   Sie/Ihr

Training AusbildungsFIT sprungbrett

Cornelia Stocker   Sie/Ihr

Coach AusbildungsFIT sprungbrett

Maria Velizarova   Sie/Ihr

Coach AusbildungsFIT sprungbrett

AusbildungFit sprungbrett wird durch das Sozialministeriumservice gefördert und ist Teil des NEBA Netzwerk Berufliche Assistenz. 

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