The youngFBZ (young Frauen*-Berufs-Zentrum) advises young women* aged 15 to 21 on their professional future. We provide support in the search for apprenticeships, training and jobs and on all topics that concern young women*. A prerequisite is registration with the AMS (U25). In addition to personal counselling, there is the possibility to participate in weekly workshops and a series of workshops (AMS course), in which the participants deal intensively with career orientation and are supported in taking their lives into their own hands.

In personal counselling, psychosocial issues are dealt with as well as questions about careers and training. The counsellors at the youngFBZ follow a holistic approach that focuses on young women* and their needs and problems.

In a series of workshops lasting several weeks, the participants work intensively in a group on career orientation and the application process. They are encouraged in their abilities to take their lives into their own hands as much as possible. The focus is on empowerment, trying out new and previously unknown skills and activities, developing digital skills, dealing with their own life situation and relevant educational content, and getting to know companies and potential employers directly.

In addition to the workshop series, there are individual workshops on specific topics that participants can attend on a weekly basis. This offer is also aimed at the direct peer group of young people in order to enable low-threshold access to the youngFBZ. In addition to job application training or labour law, holistic contents such as discrimination on the labour market or mental health also find their place here. The aim is to strengthen and stabilise young women * and thus prepare them for the labour market and a self-determined life.

In the "open computer room", young women* can work independently on their application documents and, if necessary, draw on the expertise of our counsellors.

In addition to personal counselling, participants can brush up their basic knowledge, find a positive approach to learning and prepare for entrance tests and exams.

The youngFBZ is funded by the Public Employment Service Vienna.

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The youngFBZ works on the topics
  • Finding an apprenticeship

  • career orientation, broadening the of career choices

  • Preparing application documents, application training

  • Counselling on psychosocial issues, accompanying pathways

  • Getting to know inter-company training

  • Excursions to companies, establishing contacts with companies

  • Digital skills

  • Support for effective learning, catching up with basic education, test preparation

  • Labour law and dealing with discrimination on the labour market

team von youngFBZ

Magdalena Baumgartner   Sie/Ihr

Beratung youngFBZ

Bimi Böck   Sie/Ihr

Beratung youngFBZ

Agnes Dabrowski   Sie/Ihr

Beratung youngFBZ

Nika Faiss   Sie/Ihr

Beratung youngFBZ

Claudia Frick   Sie/Ihr

Stellvertretende Bereichsleitung, Beratung youngFBZ

Anja Götz   Sie/Ihr

Bereichsleitung youngFBZ

Diana Held   Sie/Ihr

dzt. Bildungskarenz youngFBZ

Sophie Köstl   Sie/Ihr

Beratung youngFBZ

Zeinab Mohamed   Sie/Ihr

Beratung youngFBZ

Aurelia Sagmeister   Sie/Ihr

Beratung youngFBZ

Ina Schildberger   Sie/Ihr

dzt. Karenz youngFBZ

Lucie Stolwijk   Sie/Ihr

Beratung youngFBZ

Hannah Tomasi   keine Pronomen

Beratung youngFBZ

Svenja Titze   Sie/Ihr

Beratung youngFBZ
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