What is psychological violence and what is bullying?


Sometimes life can be very stressful. For example, if you are having problems in your family, at school, in your relationships, or if you are worried about the future. In times like these it is especially important that you are generous to yourself and surround yourself with people who support you. This makes you strong and you can solve your problems better with this attitude!

Unfortunately, there are sometimes people who talk badly about others, devalue and belittle them. This is called psychological violence. The consequences of psychological violence are that the person affected gets a low self-worth and also has their own thoughts that harm themselves. Psychological violence can come from individuals, but also from a group. If it takes place over a longer period of time, it is called bullying.

Here you can find more information on the topic of mobbing: Mobbing (wienxtra.at)

If you are not feeling well psychologically, it is important that you find someone to talk to. If you cannot think of anyone in your environment who can support you, please contact us. We have a listening ear and look forward to hearing from you!

If you want to know more about mental health, you can find more information here: Mental Health (wienxtra.at)

It's great that you exist! You are valuable and wonderful!

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